Welcome to Inner Bliss Spiritual Center

Welcome to Inner Bliss

Spiritual Center

Inner Bliss Spiritual Center is located in Bowling Green, KY. We are an in home center that offers yoga, meditation, reiki, chakra balancing, intuitive services, holistic life coaching, workshops, and continuing education classes based on both physical and spiritual growth.

Our center offers a calm and tranquil space for finding your spiritual path through the above practices. We help guide you through what helps you learn more about who you are.

At this time we are offering all classes via Zoom or on an online platform.

Our meditation classes range from mindfulness, guided, positive affirmations and spiritually focused. We offer group and private classes that help you find the right meditation for you. Everyone can meditate. You just have to find the one right for you.

We also offer private reiki sessions as well as certification classes focused on traditional Usui classes as well as those for yoga teachers to incorporate reiki into their yoga practioners.

We also offer intuitive services such as tea leaf and tarot readings, past life readings and regressions, crystal meditations and healings, as well other workshops and readings. We incorporate all of these services into helping building a holistic mind, body, and soul for each client.

Reminder that we are not a licensed therapist, doctor or lawyer and advice given is not the responsibility of Inner Bliss or anyone associated with Inner Bliss. We do complimentary alternative sessions along with western medicine and we do not condone or recommend anyone stopping treatment with a licensed mental health or medical provider. All psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Also with reiki we may do assists with written permission but we do not touch and do not condone anything inappropriate.

When starting chair yoga with Bertena I was uncertain about yoga. Within a few months, I gained confidence and flexibility. Soon after, I was trying new posses and other classes. If you are looking for acceptance, a place where people meet you where you are, and someone who cares about your as a whole person then try a class.
-Dr. Azurdee Garland